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Some things are better left dormant, but Marvel continues to release the great Hollywood bombshell Morbius and the infamous “Time of Morbius” meme.

It may have been done as a misguided tribute to fans; Marvel comics He did the unthinkable and made it embarrassing. Morbius– Inspiration “It’s Morbin’s Time” Mm Part of his actual storied universe. What started out as a cruel joke on the internet’s social media boards to mock the disastrous failure of one of its movie properties, Marvel Comics recently decided to take on this dubious honor in a video celebrating Halloween. A meme at its greatest. In doing so, Marvel may be taking the old adage “all publicity is good publicity” a bit too far.

Video of the day

The “Time of Morbin” meme first appeared in April 2022 in response to the failure of the Marvel property Morbius Jared Leto’s adaptation of the film, which took in a middling $163 million worldwide at the box office and was widely reviled by the fandom. Although it is said by many doubles fans to be voiced by the titular Morbius, the play “It’s Morphine Time” from the powerful Morphine Power Rangers show does not actually appear in the film. The film appeared as a tease at Sony Pictures to reflect that no one had actually seen the film, and thus had no idea whether it was in the film or not. The popularity of the meme then led to Sony Pictures owning the film rights to the Spider-Man franchise and re-releasing the film, hoping to capitalize on the sensation, instead of Disney producing the film. The $300,000 measly amount that he found to be a vain hope has become even more ridiculous than the fandom.

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Marvel’s marketing team may also have fallen victim to the false belief that “Time of the Morbin” Mimi represents fan love. Released just in time to celebrate Halloween, Marvel comics He created a very cute stop-motion video featuring doll versions of the heroes who celebrate Halloween by giving out candy and parties, including an overly litigious She-Hulk, a health-obsessed Vision, and a “grandma-candy” Captain America. In the last order Robot chicken-An impactful promo, but his voice takes a sad turn as Morbius appears as a disc jockey at a dance party and utters a bad phrase.

Laughing With You Vs. Laughing at you

Although Disney suffered no direct financial or material losses as a result of the negative response. Morbius, the lack of ownership of the film rights of the Spider-Man franchise has become a point of contention, and perhaps this is what prompted the use of this meme. Although perhaps a bit light-hearted, the reference serves as a bittersweet reminder to fans of what is one of the company’s greatest pop culture embarrassments. Likewise, Marvel’s marketing team’s decision to include the meme probably shows a lack of appreciation for the denigration of the property that the meme runs, but the multiverse includes all Marvel properties and elevates the satire into Marvel canon. .

Halloween is traditionally a time of great mystery, wonder, and fun, when children and adults alike shed their everyday personalities and play the role of their fantasy, hero or horror, if only for one day. While in the past this has been a chance for proud comic-dome publishers to rev up their creative engines, this year Marvel comics It seems that he decided to abandon this tradition with dignity and instead rolled Morbius And the great shame of 2022, “It’s Morbin’s time!” memeA failed attempt at humor.

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