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Whether it’s volunteer work, social service, or any number of outreach programs, vital community services come in many forms. However, it can be as simple and beneficial as providing a safe, fun childcare environment for Fremont County children.

Earlier this summer, a group of amazing young women decided to take on the task of building a babysitting business. Led by the fearless Natalia Sartori, the team not only got the business off the ground, but thrived throughout the summer months. Cañon City Babysitting became a babysitting powerhouse to be reckoned with.

Inspired by the Babysitters Club books, the business started with a humble plan to raise the money and some general posts on Facebook to get the word out.

“We really wanted to get a summer job and since we were all 12 and 13 we couldn’t do that, so we decided to start babysitting,” Sartori said.

Apparently, a group of young women who have been together since preschool and have deep-rooted ties do well to start a business together. The group currently consists of five girls: Sartori, Natalie Henry, Chloe Weiss, Bentley Brandt and Ava Shelver, and they work in rotation.

And they had a workload.

As lifelong friends, church family, etc. began to learn about the girls and their pursuit of friendly childcare, the startup’s business exploded by the end of the summer.

“We all grew up with cousins ​​and sisters, so we all love kids,” she said.

They charged $10 an hour and were constantly busy. Although the business will be on hiatus due to the start of the 2022-23 school year, Sartori and her friends will still find time to volunteer and care for children who need their help.

“We also help with events — like Carla Brady contacted us in the past and we helped with the Whitewater Festival,” Sartori said. “We used to run the bike pen for people to bring their bikes and we would stop them and keep them safe while they were doing other activities.”

The business gave the girls a great option to devote their time and energy to, but now that school is back in full swing, it’s time to pursue other pursuits.

Both Sartori and Weise play softball on the travel team and four of their five daughters attend Mountain View Core Knowledge, where they have the opportunity to spend a lot of time together.

But, once summer returns to Fremont County, all five girls plan to jump into wildlife childcare.

“I like responsibility and planning, and so do my friends,” Sartori says.

Even though summer is far away, be sure to consider Cañon City Childcare for your future child care needs. They can be reached by calling 719-371-8765 or 719-371-6224.

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