Miranda’s house is banned from opening without registration after allegedly harassing women during the festival | Whuff News

Three days after several men scaled the walls of Delhi University’s Miranda House College during Diwali and allegedly harassed female students, the college has banned open events by without registering participants, PTI reported on Monday.

“A series of impromptu meetings were held to discuss the issue and try strategies and explore opportunities in the structure,” said the college. “A sub-committee has been formed to revisit the process of doing things in the calendar.”

Several videos shared on social media on Saturday showed men scaling the border wall and the college entrance of Miranda House.

A student has alleged that men cat-call, grope and shout obscenities on the campus of a women’s college. They also reacted strongly when the authorities tried to prevent them from entering the campus, said the Women’s Development Cell of the college.

At first, the police said that these men were prevented from entering the college and this is what was done be quietbut later registered a first information report against the students who were not convicted for the crime based on the videos shared on social media.

On Monday, the administration said that all demonstrations will be held inside the college. All cultural events should be organized after 2 pm, it added.

According to the principal Bijayalaxmi Nanda, the college will support and advise its students and members of the school to ensure that the institution continues to be seen as a safe and viable place, reported. The Indian Express.

“On a general level behind Miranda House, there is a need for more awareness of boys and girls in colleges and universities as a joint project,” said Nanda in the newspaper.

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