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There are plenty of operators and Modern Warfare 2 skins in the next Call of Duty game, and Activision has shared plenty of details about what to expect from the upcoming FPS game. A major update appears to have come in the form of a skin change for a controversial Call of Duty: Warzone operator, though the shift has now been explained by Lorem.

Since the release of 2020’s Modern Warfare and Warzone, the operator has been embroiled in controversy, and in 2020’s Modern Warfare 2 skin change, many of her skins are too dark and can hide in the shadows, making Rose invisible. Basically.

This era seems to be coming to an end as Activision has revealed Rose’s new position in Modern Warfare 2’s story, which many have criticized for hiding their older, jet black skins in dark corners.

“Formerly contracted by the Jackals to destroy al-Qatal in Africa, US Army Rangers and Shadow Company seek order in Verdansk. Desperate for her skills in small-unit tactics and close-quarters combat operations, she broke her contract with the embattled company and her dark suit in early 2022 to align with SpecGru.

What stands out here is the shedding of her contract and dark suit, which reveals that the controversial operative has received a Modern Warfare 2 skin change. In fact, the same Activision article has self-views of all Kortak and SpecGru operators, and Rose’s skins seem outdated. Interestingly, Rose says she joined SpecGru but is listed under Kortak. I don’t want to pretend I know what’s going on there or if it’s a simple mistake, but it doesn’t seem to affect the skin change.

That said, we’ll have to see if any of the Modern Warfare 2 skins stay in contention at launch, as I’m sure there will be some that need tweaking and maintenance after being embraced into multiplayer alongside Warzone 2.

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