Now that it’s Star Wars canon, R2-D2 is a foul-mouthed little droid. | Whuff News

As it turns out, R2-D2 spitting out those cute little noises while cursing the storm is actually canon in the “Star Wars” world. It’s confirmed by a popular Wookie actor, as well as in a comic book.

In the original script it was for “A New Hope”. It was revealed on Twitter In the year In 2016, the late Peter Mayhew, the original Chewbacca actor, said that R2-D2 “swears electronically,” which is great. Threepio responded as expected, much like your grandparents were capable of. He’s not amused, and he’s not afraid to speak up. In the “Star Wars” #13 comic book by Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato (via ScreenRent), we learn all about it from someone else’s reaction. (Note that this is “Star Wars” #13 from 2015, not the one from 2020. Comic books are confusing.)

In the story, Luke Skywalker and his loyal friends Arto and Threepio crash land on the planet after a fight with Darth Vader’s ship. But Luke has that squid human body, and he’s in really bad shape. Any of us get angry when our friend gets hurt, don’t we? Well, fan-favorite character Doctor Aphra and her own little droid friend Triple-Zero join this trio. Little Artu was helping his friend and waiting for him until they arrived. But when he saw Afra and Trip-Zero, he started spewing obscenities like “Beebda Tweet Bwoop Woobeep Bleep Bleep Wuuruu”. Really He should not speak in public.

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