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Published: Date of publication – 12:25 AM, Wednesday – 26 October 22

Hyderabad: Weddings, cinemas and vlogging were key demand drivers for cameras and related equipment. In the coming days, customer preference will lean towards mirrorless cameras as compared to DSLRs. That said, DSLRs will continue to be in manufacturing, said Manabu Yamazaki, president and CEO at Canon India. Discusses trends in photography and videography departments. Telangana today.


Wedding photography has always been a signature piece in India. India enjoys grand weddings. Many photographers and videographers are dedicated to that segment. The craft continues to evolve. We are teaming up with wedding photographers for our latest offerings. Many are looking to replace existing equipment or add new gear.


Indian cinema can be compared to Hollywood. We are showcasing cinematography and editing products through our ‘Cinema Excellence Suite’. The specially designed bus has a shooting zone and post-production layout to explain the directing process. Being the second largest film industry in India, the Telugu film industry has had some memorable and excellent films in the recent past that have gained national and international recognition. It is a testament to his creative strength. Over the years, Hyderabad has emerged as a very promising market for our imaging business. We expect an enthusiastic response from the Telugu film industry.


OTT is another side of cinema. In the OTT segment, India is the largest globally. Like cinema, OTT is creating more content. India is the center of cinematography. The OTT industry is around $2 billion and is set to grow more than 9 times in 3 years. This opens up growth opportunities for various players in the ecosystem, including cameras, lenses and other gear. OTT is one of the areas of focus and we are in touch with many OTT partners.


The professional vlogging community is growing and upgrading to professional gear. After the pandemic, many are honing their skills and careers. This is leading to the search for devices with better and newer technical capabilities. We are receiving many requests for high quality digital photo and video products.


The entry-level DSLR segment contributes the highest number in the portfolio. Over time, mirrorless camera options will increase to DSLRs. Of course, we are not stopping the production of DSLRs. We offer both and customers choose the one that suits them best. India is a miracle market – inflation is high but consumption is strong. The demand is high as people focus on quality products.

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