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The Hanscom Field Advisory Commission is requesting a formal commitment from the Massachusetts Port Authority to address potential pollution and renewable energy issues at the airport.

Commission members at a public meeting on Tuesday unanimously approved a memorandum to include topics in the scope of the agency’s upcoming Environmental and Planning Report (ESPR).

The ESPR is a large document, required every five years under state law, that addresses current and potential levels and environmental conditions at Hanscom Field. The public comment period on the proposed limit closes on Dec.

Christopher Eliot of Lincoln, the commission’s chairman, proposed the proposals in a two-page document. HFAC requests that the ESPR include:

  • “Survey of air field soils and air and water samples collected and analyzed for lead.” Residents are concerned because “construction projects often move soil around our neighborhoods.”
  • “Detailed sequence of events culminating in the gas release of the unmanned aircraft at Hanscom Field.”
  • The percentage of “airport electricity use that is expected to be produced locally with no carbon emissions.”
  • “Table showing milestones on the road to achieving zero carbon emissions,” on types of aircraft and building emissions.

“There are many discussions about alternative fuels for aviation, which promise to reduce emissions and can reduce noise levels,” the memorandum says.

“It would be very useful to have a properly researched discussion of this future technology, including a better estimate of the expected distribution and potential benefits.”

The commission also submitted a recommendation on water quality. Noting that the airport is located on the banks of the Shawsheen River, the report says local drinking water “may be affected by salt, de-icing chemicals or other chemicals used at the airport.”

“We are calling for continued and effective testing of water flowing from the airport to increase confidence in the safety of our water.”

A virtual public meeting outlining the proposed scope of the 2022 Hanscom Field ESPR is scheduled for November 28 at 6 pm (

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