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A meeting after the election in which advisers led by Rudy Giuliani attacked campaign lawyers and urged Donald Trump not to accept his defeat in the election, “a new low” for a president “who is familiar to difficult debates”, Mike Pence wrote in it. a reminder to come.

About the meeting in November 2020, the former vice-president wrote: “In the end, that day the president made the terrible decision to put Giuliani and [attorney] Sidney Powell is in charge of the legal plan … The seeds were sown for a fateful day in January.”

By openly blaming Trump for the events that led to the revolution on January 6, when Trump’s supporters attacked the US Capitol in an attempt to destroy the victory of Joe Biden in the election, it is threatened by Pence the anger of Republicans that he must judge while he thinks about the next choice for the president.

His memoir, So Help Me God, will be published on November 15. Axios published a short piece on Monday.

Pence wrote: “What started as a conversation that Thursday afternoon quickly turned into a back-and-forth battle between campaign lawyers and a growing group of outside lawyers led by Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, an attorney representing Gen. Mike Flynn. [Trump’s first national security adviser, fired for lying to the FBI].

“After the campaign’s attorneys issued a clear and unambiguous report on the challenges of the election, outsiders attacked … Giuliani told the president over the loudspeaker, ‘Your lawyers are not telling you the truth, Mr. President.’

“Even in an office well-accustomed to difficult debates, this is a new low…. [and] get down from there.”

The impeachment of Trump for the attack on the Capitol, has been investigated and presented by the committee of the house of representatives on January 6, and it is The US Department of Justice is also investigating.

The former president is in legal jeopardy on other fronts: the election, the unauthorized withholding of White House documents after his tenure, his business affairs and a defamation lawsuit from a journalist is accused of raping girls.

Trump has denied wrongdoing and remains in charge of the 2024 election. He is reportedly looking for computer workers while he waits until after next week’s midterm elections to make a officially announced.

It’s no secret that Pence’s presidential ambitions are high, but even though the January 6 committee presented him as a hero for refusing to cooperate with Trump’s election, he has work to do. if he convinces Republican voters he is the anti-Biden.

The election gives Trump a big lead over his nearest challenger, Florida governor Ron DeSantis. If Trump is removed from the equation, DeSantis favors leading figures including Pence, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Jr.

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