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A concept of one of Lodestone Energy’s planned solar power stations (file photo).

Some homes can quickly have solar power on their homes without having visible panels on their roofs.

Solar energy company Lodestone has announced a partnership with retailer Pulse Energy, where customers can own a roof called a solar roof.

The deal will allow Pulse Energy customers to access solar power from Lodestone’s future solar farms, starting with the one in Kaitāia – due to come online mid-next year.

Lodestone announced earlier this year that it has raised $300 million to fund five solar farms, and all five should be ready within two to three years.

Managing director Gary Holden, also a former chief executive of Pulse Energy, said the partnership was a cost-effective way for homes to go solar.

“This energy plan will balance the customer, the same situation if they put solar panels on their roof, except that those solar devices will be in a sunny place in the Northland or on a farm where their solar resources are very strong,” he said.

Pulse Energy CEO Sharnie Warren said it would be an effective way to accelerate solar energy into the manufacturing market.

“Grid-scale solar is cheaper than traditional solar roofs – so more consumers will be able to take advantage of this renewable energy source.

“Developing a national solar infrastructure requires a large pipeline of farms and Lodestone has proven to be leading the way. We look forward to our customers enjoying even more of the benefits of grid-scale solar as more farms come online in the future,” said Warren.

“Pulse Energy was chosen because it has the ability to create an advanced billing system,” Holden said.

However, other arrangements will be considered and the deal with Pulse was not unique.

“Pulse can manage the complexity of branding, manage a large amount of data for half an hour of solar production and has a new payment method required for this concept.

“It will be very interesting to see how quickly New Zealanders embrace the idea of ​​’solar roofs’ from a solar power source for their homes and small businesses,” said Holden.

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