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DC seems to be preparing to give Red hat Closure from Joker Fans of the character have wanted to see for 34 years.

It was 34 years ago Death in the family The arc takes place in Batman Jokes. It was in this arc that the title character Robin, then Jason Todd, died in a warehouse explosion following a crowbar beating at the hands of the Joker. In the comics, his death remains permanent until 2004 Under the red hood History. 15 years after his death, the super-tough, angry Jason Todd is resurrected as the Red Hood, taking on the killer’s former nickname while waiting for the man’s deadly hatred. Jason Todd from The Clown Prince has never really been shut down. The only time he ever got closure was in The Three Jokers, where Red Hood killed the Joker, but that story isn’t official DC canon.

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It seems that DC Comics is adjusting to take into account the new question information The joke: The man who stopped laughing #2 by Matthew Rosenberg and Francesco Franvilla, releasing on November 1st. As seen in League of Comic Geeks, this confirms that, following Task Force Z, Jason’s new mission is to hunt down and kill the Joker. However, what’s perfect in this setup is that there are now two Jokers, because the second impersonator (or clone, or he’s the real one, or etc.) looks bigger. That means Jason can Really Kill the ‘Joker’ and make DC stick around forever without losing one of its main characters.

Why should Jason kill the Joker?

Not killing Joker always feels like the one thing that stops the Red Hood from reaching his intended natural development as a character, especially in recovering from his injuries. It felt fitting considering he carved out an entirely new identity out of his hatred for the Joker, but the Joker himself is so deeply rooted in Batman mythology that it was always unlikely that DC would be willing to pull the trigger. That’s what Geoff Jones, Jason Fabock and Brad Anderson did. Three jokes A very satisfying miniseries for Red Hood fans. In that story, there are literally three jokes, and it is said that they have always been in the story. Writing to kill one of these Jokers, the Red Hood (specifically the one he killed years ago), gave the character the biggest character development he’s had in over a decade. Unfortunately, the story as a whole is non-canon, so it all comes to nothing.

The joke: The man who stopped laughingHowever, it is canon. By having the Red Hood finally kill the Joker, multiplying the basis of three comics (at least A version of the Joker) offers unlimited possibilities for Jason’s character development moving forward in the canon. More than anything, it allows DC a way to develop the character of the Red Hood without disrupting Batman’s status. Jokes Or permanently kill their biggest villain money lama. Jason Todd fans looking for catharsis can read this as well. Red hat It can kill Joker in The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #2 It will be available in stores from November 1, 2022.

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