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According to several rumors reported by CanonRumors, the upcoming Canon Cinema EOS C700 Mark II will have a user-interchangeable sensor option from Super 35 5K Global Shutter to Full Frame 8K DGO. Is this even possible?

Canon Cinema EOS C700: S35 vs.  FF
Canon Cinema EOS C700: S35 vs. FF

According to CanonRumors, the much-anticipated C700 Mark II will pack a lot of goodies for filmmakers and cinematographers. Here are the main ones as mentioned by Canonrumors:

  • Two offerings of user-interchangeable sensors at launch: a Super 35 5K Global Shutter sensor and a full-frame 8K DGO Rolling Shutter sensor.
  • Both sensor blocks are equipped with a direct RF mount, which can be filled with an EF or LPL mount without the need to remove the RF mount (the entire mount is assembled on the RF mount, as Sony did with the Sony VENICE 2).
  • Introduction of two new gamma curves: Canon Log 4, designed for HDR products; and Wide DR Cine, for cinematic colors straight out of the camera.
  • 2x CFexpress Type B cards and 1x SD card media slots.
  • XF-AVC, ProRes and Cinema RAW Light can be recorded internally; BRAW and ProRes RAW externally with Blackmagic VideoAssist and Atomos Ninja+; Cinema RAW with Codex CDX-36150.
  • A new module/recorder has been developed in collaboration with RED Digital Cinema to record REDCODE to proprietary media.
  • 4x SDI outputs for various monitoring workflows.
  • The camera design is slightly larger compared to the C300 Mark III/C500 Mark II.
  • CanonRumors claims that a prototype of the C700 Mark II is out in the field testing.

Yes, there are many good things to discuss here. However, we want to focus on the user-touchable sensor. Is this even possible?

In particular, the Canon Cinema EOS C700 had the option to replace the sensor before. When the camera launched in 2016, it included a Super 35 sensor. Then the option to replace the sensor became available in 2018. Users can replace the C700’s sensor with two versions: Super 35 Global Shutter and Full-Frame. But this process is irreversible and has only been done in Canon’s labs. The user was able to pay $5,000 to upgrade from Super 35 to full frame in the same camera body. However, CanonRumors claims a user-interchangeable sensor. Does that mean the user can change the sensor independently?

Canon Cinema C700
Canon Cinema C700

Nikon filed a patent application in 2013 for a camera with an interchangeable sensor. The patent describes a way to achieve high precision mounting of the sensor unit. Here is some of the translated text from the Japan Patent Office (Google Translate): “Typically, there is a digital camera with a moving image sensor unit attached to the camera body. In such a digital camera, the image sensor unit includes the image sensor and its peripheral circuitry in electronic communication with the camera body. According to the present invention, there may be provided a digital camera that realizes a higher loading accuracy in a digital camera having a removable image sensor unit. Although it is not mentioned whether this replaceable sensor can be replaced by the user. Anyway, we now know that this invention has remained in the drawer. Here are some slides from the application:

Nikon interchangeable sensor.  Source: 2013 patent application.
Nikon interchangeable sensor. Source: 2013 patent application.
Nikon interchangeable sensor.  Source: 2013 patent application.
Nikon interchangeable sensor. Source: 2013 patent application.

It’s hard to believe that this rumor about the C700 Mark II is 100% accurate, especially the part about the user-interchangeable sensor. On the other hand, why not? Let’s think outside the box for a moment and give technology credit. User-interchangeable sensors that allow users to replace their existing sensors at home could be a viable idea. Let us know your thoughts on that.

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