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As the Russia-Ukraine war enters its 252nd day, we look at key developments.

This is the situation as it happened on Wednesday, November 2.


  • The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said that a “reliable and long-term protection” is necessary for the safe transportation of ships selling grain from abroad to Ukrainians on the Black Sea.
  • In his speech at night, Zelenskyy said that the world should respond firmly to any attempt by Russia to disrupt the corridor.
  • Currently, a total of nine Ukraine faced power outages after the Russian attack.
  • The United States said Russia fired about 100 missiles on Monday and Tuesday. Ukraine said most of the missiles were shot down, but some hit power stations, knocking out electricity and water.


  • Three foreign ships left Ukrainian ports on Tuesday afternoon under the Black Sea Export Treaty in July, the United Nations’ headquarters said, in the second day of sailing after Russia stopped participating in the UN-brokered Initiative.
  • Moscow’s move raised fears that a global food crisis could return, although so far, Russia has not imposed another blockade.
  • Turkey’s defense minister, Hulusi Akar, said he believed grain exports would continue under the agreement.
  • The UN trade coordinator said he expects the cargo ships to leave Ukrainian ports on Thursday. Initially, representatives from Ukraine, Turkey and the UN agreed not to plan any movement of ships on Wednesday.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin told his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a phone call that Moscow could resume trade after an investigation into the recent attacks on the Crimean port of Sevastopol.

Diplomacy and government

  • Yevgeny Prigozhin, a close friend of Putin and the founder of Wagner’s private military group, praised Zelenskyy as a strong and confident leader who should not be underestimated.
  • The Ukrainian government accepted the resignation of Yuriy Vitrenko as CEO of the state energy company Naftogaz on Tuesday.
  • The European Union is exploring ways to increase aid for Ukraine’s energy sector after Russia’s “brutal and merciless” attacks, EU energy commissioner Kadri Simson said.
  • Zelenskyy told Simson that Russia’s “terrorism” had seriously damaged about 40 percent of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.


  • Russia told civilians to leave an area east of the Dnieper river in the southern Ukrainian province of Kherson, a major extension of an evacuation order that Kyiv said was total the forced destruction of the occupied territory.
  • Ahead of an expected battle, the streets of the Russian-controlled city of Kherson, the capital of the special district that Russia promised to annex in September, were almost empty.
  • Many shops and businesses were closed, and on a boat on the banks of the Dnieper river, a small group of people went on a boat to leave.

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