Series of Community Events Chattanooga Youth Offers Opportunities to Gather Safely Over Thanksgiving Break. | Whuff News

Chattanooga and its partners are coordinating several events to give the city’s youth options for safe gatherings during the Holiday season. Thank you.

The programs are free and open to students and families as part of a national effort to bring together and empower young people and families during school breaks.

“Youth empowerment and education programs are critical to helping our youth turn away from violence and build the values ​​and relationships they need for a successful future,” said Chris Sands, director. interim Community Safety and Gun Violence Prevention for the Chattanooga Office of Public Health.

“That’s why we continue to work closely with our community partners to ensure that local students can access programs during school breaks. We saw great success with the Fall Break event lineup and are excited to bring young people together safely on Thanksgiving Day, as well.

Thanksgiving is free for Youth and Families

Wednesday, Nov. 23
• Bowling Party for Teens: Splitz Alley; 7-9 pm
Hosted by: Office of Community Health and Safety, Chattanooga Police Department, Chattanooga Fire Department, Excellence Over Excuses and the Lighthouse Collective
• EPB Window Show: Enjoy winter holiday scenes at the EPB building and Miller Park starting at 5 p.m. Show will be open to the public through January 6.
Accepted by: EPB

Friday, Nov. 25
• Reindeer on the Riverfront: Ross’s Landing; 4-8 pm
Hosted by: Chattanooga Presents! with River City Company
• Black Friday Hang-out and Block Party for Generations: Slim and Husky’s; 7-9 pm
Administered by: The Office of Community Health and Safety and the Community of Moli

Sixteen of the City’s 18 Community Centers will also be open for youth and families on Wednesday from 10 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

In July, Mayor Kelly released his administration’s Roadmap to Ending Gun Violence in Chattanooga, which includes actions to both stop the cycle of violence on the city’s streets and stop it. not coming back for a long time. Youth activism and empowerment has created one of the world’s largest violence prevention strategies, along with many others, and it’s over. The city is taking steps to increase youth programs throughout the city.

During Hamilton County Schools’ Fall Break, the City and community partners hosted a series of seven youth events, which contributed to the low number of cases related to children involved in shootings or kidnappings reported during Fall Break for the past four years.

As part of the One Chattanooga Relief and Recovery Plan, the city is also investing $3.7 million in federal funds into nine community safety initiatives to empower young people and help build a safer future for the community. .

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