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Warning: Contains spoilers Star Trek #1!brand new Star Trek The comic unveils the French’s most powerful weapon – one capable of committing genocide against god-like species. Publisher IDW ushered in a new era of comics for the franchise from the very beginning. Star Trek #1It sees Captain Benjamin Sisko and a diverse group of Starfleet officers come together to find out what’s killing a godlike galactic species–and get an up-close look at the incredible and terrifying power of their new enemy.

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in Star Trek There are several races and beings of god-like nature, including Universes, Qs, Metrons, Organians, and Prophets. These beings live on other planes of existence, interacting with lower life forms such as humans and Vulcans. These species and organisms are intelligent and motivated beyond physical life forms. Classic quantity road trip Episodes involve the crew encountering such creatures, and usually with either imagination or surprise. Now, in IDW’s new flagship Star Trek A powerful, mysterious force is killing these gods, and it belongs to Benjamin Sisko and his team. USS Theseus To find out and stop whoever is committing the galactic genocide.

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The prophets send Sisko to the human plane to stop anyone who kills the gods. After being scouted for a job in Starfleet, Cisco decided to Thesewhich leads to the Hephaestus Nebula. There, they find crystalline entities – giant, snowflake-like creatures, each with the power to consume entire planets. of These Sensors detect another unknown ship in the nebula – a ship that is launching a species-destroying weapon. Star Trek Canon. The issue comes from Jackson Lanzing, Colin Kelly, Ramon Rosanas, Lee Lowridge and Clayton Cowles.

The Star Trek gods have found their match

Star Trek Fans know that the crystalline elements were first introduced Star Trek: The Next GenerationThey are responsible for the destruction of at least two planets, and here they are slaughtered as if they were nothing. Who or what is behind the destruction of the most powerful creatures in the Star Trek The universe has immense power – power seemingly beyond anything the Federation or Starfleet have ever encountered. Some of these creatures, like crystalline bodies, took over the team’s crew Organization In the past up to the wire, and yet this new device is cut in them.

Whatever is behind the systematic slaughter of the gods has a powerful weapon that has no hold on the entire species. The only limitation seems to be at least related to shipping, which suggests that it may have technological requirements that may limit how often it can be used. Still, it’s clear that the killing will continue, and even Cisco’s rapidly declining power is not directly related to this new threat. Star TrekThe mysterious new weapon is capable of destroying planet-killing creatures, which clearly shows why the Prophets sent Cisco back to stop a major new existential threat.

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Star Trek #1 Available now from IDW Publishing.

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