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Star Wars Palpatine confirmed that he had to stop Darth Vader from returning to him Return of the Jedi. The third film in the original Star Wars The trilogy ends with Vader protecting his son Luke Skywalker and throwing Palpatine into the Death Star II reactor. Despite Vader’s sudden turn to the light side, Palpatine never fully trusted any of his apprentices and always suspected them of betrayal. in Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi, Palpatine directly tells Count Dooku that he doesn’t trust him and always doubts his loyalty. He felt the same way about the next apprentice. However, Palpatine did not stop Vader before he betrayed him.

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in Star Wars, Sith follows the rule of two. As Yoda put it Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Explosive ThreatThere are always two. Nothing more, nothing less. Teacher and apprentice“With only two Sith at any given time, one Sith will teach the other. Since the Sith use negative emotions, eventually the apprentice will try to overthrow their master.” Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi In episode 4, the duke meets Palpatine as Sidious, an interrogator, “Do you doubt my honesty?Sidious immediately responded,Always. “In the same way that Palpatine/Cedus questions the duke’s loyalty, he questions Vader’s because of this Sith tradition.

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Why Emperor Palpatine couldn’t stop Darth Vader’s redemption

Thanks to his inner turmoil, Palpatine is able to turn Anakin to the dark side, as he did with Duke – as Anakin cannot fully surrender to either the light or the dark side. This internal chaos eventually comes to a head as Palpatine fails to fully transform Anakin/Vader into an apprentice. He tries to take advantage of Vader’s obsession with protecting his loved ones when he lies about Padmé’s death and uses Luke as a final test to prove Vader’s surrender to the Sith. By forcing Luke and Vader to fight each other, Luke was able to control his emotions long enough to turn Vader to the light and illuminate the Emperor.

Why didn’t Darth Vader turn on Emperor Palpatine sooner?

In the Marvel Comics series Darth Vader, the titular discovers that the ruthless Palpatine is planning to replace him as an apprentice, and decides to have his own army outside of the Emperor’s control. He uses this droid army to take on Palpatine’s new apprentice candidate, and the comic ends with Vader and Palpatine each having a newfound respect for each other. But Vader doesn’t rebuild his army or try to challenge Palpatine in any other meaningful way. This is partly due to the fact that Darth Vader’s suit was deliberately made sick, both by focusing his anger and making it difficult for him to fight Palpatine. Additionally, the suit was deliberately weakened to lightning, so that Palpatine could easily strike the apprentice if necessary.

Ensuring that Vader was on the back foot in a fight, Palpatine never pressured his apprentice into going down. Vader was still terrifyingly powerful against most Jedi and non-force users, so he was still useful to Palpatine as an enforcer. Palpatine and Vader both knew their fight was coming, and never fully trusted the other throughout their relationship. Palpatine had to stop the apprentice Return of the JediBut Vader’s victory created one of the greatest defeats in film history.

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