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Harrison School turned into the scene of a horror story Thursday night. The Cañon City School District held its 15th annual Scary Story Night to celebrate the winners of the GATE (Gifted and Gifted Education) Scary Story Contest. Stories were scored for organization, grade-level appropriate content, word choice, and level of suspense. This was the first year that there were winners from all schools in the district.

Kindergarten to First Grade Finalists:

Tobias Taylor, a first-grader in Washington, received an honorable mention for his story, “No Escape.” Julio Martinez, a first-grader at Harrison, placed second for his story “The Scary Doll.”

Hattie Restand, a first-grader from Mountain View Core Knowledge, won first place for her story, “The Night Before Halloween.” She took the stage with the emotion of a young woman beyond her years to read her story.

“I really like to write. It was so much fun writing this story and reading it tonight,” Rustand said.

Second Class to Third Class Finalists:

Tori Savage, a third-grader from Harrison, received an honorable mention for her story “Hotel Transylvania + Dinos.” Leyland Tafoya, a third-grader at McKinley, won second place for her short story, “The Legend of Nitron Lake.” Mountain View Core Knowledge third grader Sky Pierce won first place for her story “The Haunted Mirror.”

Class IV to Class V Finalists:

Carolyn Reed, a fifth-grader in Mountain View Core Knowledge, received an honorable mention for her story, “The Haunted Forest.” Grace Thompson, a fifth-grader at Lincoln School of Science and Technology, won second place for her short story “Black Dragon.” Hailey Rae Duprez, a fifth-grader from Washington, won first place with her story “The Girl in the Mist.”

Class VI to Class VIII Finalists:

Honorable mention went to CCMS seventh grader Lira Baldridge for her story “Curiosity Killed the Boy.” Camille Medford, seventh grader at CES, won second place for her story “The Asylum.” At CES, seventh grader Alexis Evans won first place with her story, “Look Behind You.”

Evans said the inspiration for her story came from sitting with her family.

“My whole story was original, I didn’t draw from anything in my life. Writing while at camp was really fun,” Evans said.

GATE is grateful to the many teachers, parents and grandparents who supported this student writing experience.

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