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The DCEU has had a rocky road from the very beginning. iron man It was never intended to be the first chapter of the Extended Universe, but Superman’s origin story was released as a 2016 film. iron man Following the success of the DC Universe Avengers. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice And Suicide Squad It represents the early failures of Warner Bros. attempts to force a cinematic universe on an audience that was not yet in love with its characters. Indeed, the most successful recent DC projects; Joker And BatmanThey are carried out in their own independent continuity.

However, it looks like Warner Bros. is taking another stab at the Connected Universe by hiring their own Kevin Feige. It was recently announced that James Gunn and Peter Safran have become co-chairmen and CEOs of DC Studios, and the new role sets out a 10-year plan for the future of the franchise. Response to cancellation Buttigergive back Henry Cavill such as Supermanand controversies from FlashGunn and Safran will have a lot on their plate in the coming years.

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Gunn knows how to do continuity

However, Gunn is a veteran of comic book history who knows how to work in continuity. His Guardians of the Galaxy Movies have managed to maintain their own identity without contradicting the ongoing storylines of the MCU. He had a more difficult task on his hands Suicide Squad, is one of the most critically acclaimed comic book movies in history. Gun managed to keep the original features Suicide Squad He had potential, but it swung in his own direction. Continuity proved to be a benefit and not a burden.

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Suicide Squad It’s just a sequel at its most basic. Gunn didn’t have to explain what Task Force X was because the audience already knew it, which gave him a chance to jump right into the story. Gunn mocks him lovingly for what he used to be: Viola DavisAmanda Waller was a self-centered extremist in the first film, but here she’s a bored executive frustrated by the ruthless criminals she hires.

The potential in character

Although a serious negative reaction Suicide SquadEveryone seems to agree with this Margot RobbieHarley Quinn’s performance was all about fans. Batman: The Animated Series He could have asked. She’s got a cool spinoff of her own. Birds of prey, as it was released just before the start of the Covid-19 shutdown, it underperformed woefully. Saying that he was not involved with Gun Birds of preyhe kept the direction of the character Kathy Yan He had taken it. Harley is not considered sexual, and even enjoys making toxic people like the dictator Silvio Luna ().Juan Diego Boto) to pay for their crimes. Harley seems to hate it Jared LetoJoker, as did everyone else.

Gunn also understood the potential of Rick’s flag (Joel Kinneman). Although Flag gave him a turgid love story in the first film, the idea of ​​a military veteran having to question his loyalty and service was very interesting. Gunn spends a lot of time developing this aspect of the character as Flag learns about secret US military experiments. While Flag’s sour attitude stuck out like a sore thumb in the first film, it was fun to see his constant frustration with characters like King Shark.Sylvester Stallone) and peacemaker (John Cena).

with Bloodsport (Idris ElbaGunn basically gave the audience a soft reboot of Deadshot ().Will Smith). Introducing a new character allowed Gunn to have some freedom, but used some of the features that made Deadshot interesting in his Bloodsport concept. Suicide Squad It shows Bloodsport’s struggle as a father figure, and while the first film basically saw this as the only reason to care for the character, Gunn makes him feel important to Bloodsport’s growth. In Task Force X, he learns to accept the responsibilities of fatherhood as the leader of his extraordinary family.

Improving the past

Gunn manages to pick up some stylistic choices. David Ayer Made in the first movie and improve them. The intrusion of music felt strange. Suicide Squad; Why do we need a “without me” minute when the team changes into their uniforms? Gunn is able to indicate tonal differences with fun soundtrack choices that make sense within the context of the story and theme. “Folsom Prison Blues” is a great way to introduce characters coming out of prison, and “Return Point” speaks to the characters’ gray morals. Gunn’s choices felt more special; He’s not using classic tracks like “Bohemian Rhapsody” or “Fortuitous Son” after they’ve appeared in countless other movies.

The first films of the DCEU had a lot of potential that was sadly untapped. That being said, erasing the entire continuity and restarting the universe would be a mistake given the many ideas, stories, and characters that have the potential. Suicide Squad It has a great concept, and Ayer Unfortunately, he was unable to make the film he envisioned. Suicide Squad Gunn has shown that he can carry on without sacrificing his stylistic impulses. If this is the direction the DCEU is going, it has a bright future ahead of it.

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