Sunday Reflections with Canon Robin Gibbons: 27 November 2022 | Whuff News

Christ – an ancient icon from St. Catherine’s Monastery The first Sunday of Advent “… Now is the hour for you to wake up. For our salvation is nearer now than when we believed before. The night is past and the day is near. Let us therefore lay aside the works of darkness.” [and] Put … Read more

Check out Staten Island’s upcoming event: Annadale Tree Lighting on Sunday | Whuff News

STATEN ISLAND, NY – It’s Thanksgiving weekend and while most people are on a long weekend, Staten Island is definitely not sleeping. And while the holiday weekend isn’t packed with as many options as it used to be, there are plenty of things to do with the whole family. Here are some fun ways to … Read more

🌱 Patchogue Christmas Parade Starts Sunday + Food Drive Events | Whuff News

Hello everyone! I’m Debora Whitehead, your host of the Patchogue Daily – back to your inbox with the most important things happening in town. In today’s edition, you will learn about… Patchogue Christmas Parade it’s the end of this week! Learn all about the holiday in the Village! Thanksgiving dinner and more! But first, today’s … Read more

‘Crushing cancer for Tommy’: A full day of events planned for Sunday at Reserve Bantam – L’Observateur | Whuff News

‘Crushing cancer for Tommy’: Full day of events planned for Sunday in Reserve Bantam Published 10:13 am Friday, November 18, 2022 Tommy Milioto, a resident of St. John Parish throughout his life has been diagnosed with cancer, surrounded by his wife, Dana, and his daughters Janie, Sophie and Kristy. Donate – Thanksgiving Week will begin … Read more

Sunday Reflections from Canon Robin Gibbons 13 November 2022 | Whuff News

Bamberg Apocalypse Folio – Bow before the throne of God Thirty-third Sunday in regular time As I read the Gospel of Luke this Sunday, I was struck by two thoughts that came out of nowhere, but which I will reveal in my prayer and quiet meditations in recent days: The first is simply the transitory … Read more

With the Florida race on Sunday, Trump and DeSantis see a GOP primary | Whuff News

CNN — In a preview of a Republican presidential primary, Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis will hold Florida games on Sunday as the two men battle for the presidency of the Sunshine State and the heart of the GOP. The former president will greet supporters in Miami, the third stop in a four-city tour that … Read more

Sunday Reflections from Canon Robin Gibbons 6 November 2022 | Whuff News

The martyrdom of the seven Maccabean brothers and their mother. By Dirk Velert 1533-35 Thirty-second Sunday in regular time Very often recently friends and colleagues have noticed how tired, how exhausted, but how subdued we seem to be. Can anyone blame them? We are in a strange place locally, nationally and internationally. Covid has come … Read more

🌱 Saturday Events In Shirley -Mastic + Restaurant Week Starts Sunday | Whuff News

Hello, everyone. It’s me, Debora Whitehead, your host of Shirley-Mastic Daily – back to your inbox with the most important things happening in town. Includes news about… The Ocean Arts gift Le Tualuga Jr. today! Tap a Cash Check at William Floyd High School. Real estate, events, and more! But first, today’s weather: Lots of … Read more