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It has disappointed many. Star Wars Fans, Disney decided to remove the entire Expanded Universe from canon when they took over the licensing. Although it was as understandable as trying to make new movies and tell stories while looking at decades worth of books and related material… well, it was doing things. so true Complex.

Since then, Lucasfilm has released new tie-in books and comics, all of which are believed to be canon. We’ve seen some confrontations on screen, but by far the biggest one came in the final episode. Tales of the Jedi On Disney+.

According to Direct (via SFFGazette.com), the story told by Dave Filoni completely contradicts the events of 2016. Ahsoka Book by L Johnston. There are some similarities, such as the Jedi using the name “Ashla” as a cover, but how she was exposed to the Sith Inquisitor tracking her is completely different.

Ahsoka doesn’t take that naughty red kyber crystal to refine it and turn it into two white lightsabers, her relationship with Senator Bale Organa is also very different. In the book, they don’t cross paths at Padme’s funeral but instead meet at the end of the book when she gets that “Fulcrum” moniker. Star Wars Rebels.

Filoni said he had previously worked with Johnston on the book, although that was before either of them The Clone Wars Renovated and Ahsoka It was somewhere close to being real. It’s not shocking that the filmmaker wanted to tell this story in a different way, but it does beg the question of whether any of these stories matter.

After all, if they happen to be non-canon thanks to a TV show or movie, do we take them with anything but a grain of salt? Lucasfilm avoided telling stories in the same timeframe (Marvel Comics’ Star Wars Titles are currently set after events. The Empire strikes back.For example) but there are bound to be many contradictions along the line.

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