TECO warns of ‘energy vampires’ this Halloween | Whuff News

TAMPA, Fla. – October is National Energy Awareness Month and with Halloween just around the corner, Tampa Electric (TECO) is reminding customers to watch out for the “energy vampires” that are sucking the life out of customers’ electric bills.

Energy vampires are electronics and appliances that constantly use electricity, even when they are not being used visibly, such as cell phone chargers or televisions.

A typical household has 20 powerful vampires. A phantom or standby load caused by energy vampires can add about 5 percent to the average electricity bill, according to national estimates — which is about $3 billion a year.

TECO says there are several ways customers can get into the heart of the energy vampires and save a few dollars on their energy bill:

  • Connect digital video recorders (DVRs), game consoles or set-top boxes to the power cord and turn off the cord when not in use. (Annual savings = $32)
  • Screen savers are not “green” savers. Turn off your computer, laptop and printer if you are not going to use them for the next two hours. (Annual savings = $16)
  • Plasma TVs produce nine times more phantom power than new LED TVs, which are energy efficient (annual maintenance = $8)
  • Cell phone and laptop chargers use power, even when the device is not charging. Unplug them and other appliances, such as coffee makers and electric toothbrushes, when not in use. (Annual savings = $6)

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