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Thanksgiving is upon us and food is in the air – in some cases precious works of art are being released.

As you reunite with loved ones and extended family for a meal, someone from another generation or geographic region is sure to set aside respect and ask you this uncomfortable question: What theory of change leads from Van Gogh’s soup sprinkling to the burning of the fossil fuel industry?

What really! Rather than stumble on the ground to be rabbit hole, change course. Assume, for the purposes of argument, that effective protest will not be required awareness” that climate change is bad, but it will target specific barriers to clean energy transitions. If you attract your relatives with the following tips, potatoes will not be the only thing squeezed into your diet – so will the processes of carbon pollution.

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Gas formation

Problem: Even the most traditional companies and utilities have pledged to reach net-zero emissions by mid-century. But they still want to spend hundreds of millions on new fossil gas plants in the meantime. This is like Uncle Barnaby promising to cut back on the sugar, but downing two-thirds of the pecan pie first.

Protest: Attend a company holiday party and confirm CEO singing karaoke to Taylor Swift’s smash hit The Anti-Hero. When the executive belt out It’s me, hello, I’m the problem, it’s me,” the secret film and rewarded the film to Greenpeace.

Disruption of time

Problem: No doubt one of your birth relatives has noticed that the sun tends to set. Sometimes, more frustratingly, the wind doesn’t blow! How will they deal with your renewable energy? they will mock you, and take this as an original understanding.

As you will patiently explain, many companies are trying to overcome this limitation by cheaply storing energy for many more hours than is possible with today’s lithium-ion battery technology. But, like turkey stuffed with oyster stuffing, some of these are long-term energy storage” fragrance initiators: They will advertise several hours of clean energy storage, but offer strong enough to finish on a November evening. Join your relationship in the cause of transparency about long-term grid maintenance.

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