The City may acquire county property with a view to renovating the community center | Whuff News

Nov. 1, 2022

Two properties could be renovated at the Denny Sanford Premier Center as part of a deal made between Minneahaha County and the city of Sioux Falls.

The first, 1900 W. Russell St., is a non-residential building that sits on more than 4 acres. Close to Elmwood Golf Course and campus center.

“It should be torn down,” Pritchett said, adding the proximity to other city properties is attractive.

The other, 908 N. West Ave., was a former nonprofit headquarters that included Volunteers of America. It sits on two acres near Covell Lake and the center of the campus.

The land serves as a link between the city’s parks and downtown, Pritchett said.

“It can provide an opportunity for development. It can provide an opportunity to … connect the park with the grounds of the center of events,” he said.

In exchange for the two properties, the city plans to take the county’s financial contribution for equipment at the new public safety campus being built in northeast Sioux Falls. That money is already included in the 2023 budget.

“We want to provide opportunities for development in that area, but everything is still fully developed,” said finance director Shawn Pritchett, adding that prospects are looking at the center. it is necessary to walk to other developments.

“They like to have restaurants nearby and they like to do other kinds of things that they want to do, entertainment options.”

It is also necessary to add houses in this area to support this type of development, he said.

“By trying to move forward and be more aggressive, we hope to provide more economic resources to bring some of those support services forward.”

If the agreement with the province is accepted, the plan to move forward is to conduct a market study in the first half of the new year to determine the potential of expanding the campus of the centers and look in the marketing of the land. The second half of the year will involve planning the site.

The recreation center’s campus board continues to review recommendations before a study group for the land It involved demolishing the arena and replacing it with expanded convention space. The group also recommended that they not invest their money in the Sioux Falls Canaries stadium and instead pursue another stadium location, but ultimately use the current location for the benefit of the campus. it is now.

The city needs a long-term vision for the campus and surrounding areas, Pritchett said.

“We want to be creative and think a lot about what the development looks like,” he said.

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