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August 3, 2022

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A new report from the Minnesota Department of Health shows the number of accidental and fatal accidents that occurred in 2021 in the last year of reports in Minnesota hospitals, outpatient clinics, and health clinics. healthy.

Before 2021, the total number of events was stable, but 2021 saw an increase in events, mainly due to new challenges and increased care related to the COVID-19 disease. Doctors are forced to adapt in real time as hospitals and health systems take care of patients, higher morbidity and more health concerns. The increased complexity of illness due to COVID-19 has led to longer hospital stays and other complications resulting from delays in seeking care.

Length of stay in the intensive care unit will more than double from 2.31 days in 2017 to 5.47 days in 2021. Longer hospital stays can lead to increased blood pressure. ulcers) by increasing the time a patient is lying down or using a doctor. machine. Patients with long-term stays may also experience a loss of energy, leading to increased weight loss. The report and information about each facility is available on the Adverse Health Events report page.

“The disease has tested our health care system and our health care providers in a way that has never happened before in 2021,” said Minnesota Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm. “The disease also showed the importance of our health crisis prevention system. By having this system, we were able to track the effects of this unique situation on patient safety, and we can use these results to work with Minnesota companies to increase our resilience and the ability to meet future challenges.

Bar chart of serious injuries and deaths by year

Other problems that affect infection include increased time for staff to put on personal protective equipment before care can be taken. an illness that may prevent skin, and higher stress.

This health risk report provides an analysis of data collected from health care from October 7, 2020, to October 6, 2021. The report shows 508 health risks Health reported this season, with 207 serious injuries and 14 deaths. Although the number of deaths remained the same, there was a significant increase in the number of incidents and subsequent injuries compared to 2020. The increases were in areas that may be affected by long stays, such as falling and heavy stomach. It’s important to note that many types of incidents require a mental health condition or injury that can be reported under the law.

Bar chart of events with the number of each event

In 2021, the number of reported events increased to 508 (from 382 in 2020). As in previous years, weight loss and falls were the most reported events, accounting for 217 or 60 percent of reportable events, followed by 86 falls. , 36 animal models, 36 things that were stopped and 28 wrong operations in places.

“The global pandemic has forced all patients, families and the health sector to extraordinary levels,” said Dr. Rahul Koranne, president and CEO, Minnesota Hospital Association. “This statewide reporting and education system validates Minnesota’s hospital and health care culture of transparent reporting and commitment to providing high-quality, safe care.”


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