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Marvel continues to churn out the old Star Wars Expanded Universe, this time releasing a series of arcs that I had all but forgotten about. Epic Reprint. Focusing on the exploits of Kir Kanos, one of the Emperor’s most loyal bodyguards, the three Crimson Dawn Ministers meet here. Originally published by Dark Horse Comics, this run details the events of seven years later. return of the jedi, Luke, Han, and Leia work to build a new republic while the remnants of the empire fight for control of their own fiefdom.

Veteran Star Wars fans will recognize that this storyline (along with all that has been published by Dark Horse at this point) is non-canonical, but careful readers may spot some themes in recent programs like this one. The Mandalorian. It’s a collection of Star Wars adventures that focus heavily on the political machinations of the universe while giving a compelling story to a character that has served as artistic window dressing in the canon films.

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Collected in this mammoth Epic collectionwe have Star Wars: Crimson Empire #0-6, Star Wars Bounty Hunters – Kenix Kill, Star Wars: Crimson Empire II – Blood Council #1-6, Star Wars: Crimson Empire III – Empire Lost #1-6, and some more stuff from More of the dark horse #21-24 and Dark Horse Gifts (2011) #1. The meat and potatoes of this business are well respected Crimson Empire A trilogy (albeit the third) published by Star Wars books during the Golden Age of Dark Horse in the late 90s. Crimson Empire Run didn’t hit shelves until 2011). I can’t help but feel nostalgic for the 90’s Star Wars publishing era when I read these comics, but I had little memory of these stories. Reading it with a fresh pair of eyes far removed from its original release date allows for a more honest assessment of the content, and thankfully, these comics generally hold up well.

Star Wars Legends Collection: The New Republic Vol.  6
Marvel comics

Most of the book focuses on Kir Kanos, the best of Palpatine’s Crimson Royal Guard, who became a ronin after his master’s death. Mike Richardson and Randy Stradle, the writers of all three minis, lean deeply into the character of the samurai, showing how past training and attitudes shape his place in the newly formed republic. Former Royal Guard Carnor Jax, now a member of the Governing Council, serves as Kanos’ main villain as he attempts to destroy the remaining members of Palpatine’s inner circle. By the end of the third arc, Kanos goes from being an anti-hero to a fairly respectable protagonist, though his loyalties align with the Empire. By placing the weight of the narrative solely on the development of one character, Richardson and Stradley avoid the pitfalls of other Star Wars tales. Their script is focused and comprehensible, giving enough nods to the big events in the Star Wars comics without losing sight of the comic’s purpose.

The three runs were all drawn by Paul Gulacy, a comic artist with a career dating back to the 70s. Most of the work is very functional; It effectively represents the Star Wars universe while delivering compelling action scenes and avoiding sticking to established graphical conventions. The book is more colorful than some of the Dark Horse titles at this time, giving it a sense of humor that its contemporaries lacked.

Star Wars Legends Collection: The New Republic Vol.  6
Marvel comics

The additional material from More of the dark horse And provides It’s fun, but not essential to anyone but the die-hard fan. Having said that, I’m glad to see more of these details in a collection of this nature. Plus, the bonus material includes sketches and beautiful cover art from Dave Dorman. Dark Horse knew how to give their books a cinematic quality (at least the covers) back in the ’90s, and Dorman’s work showed it in stride. It would have been helpful to have some creator notes on this run, but these details are not provided.

This is huge Epic collection It reads like a single narrative experience and offers many of the elements that Star Wars arcs have. It’s not without its faults, but it’s worth adding to the Star Wars mythos even if it’s no longer canon.

Star Wars Legends Collection: The New Republic Vol.  6

‘Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The New Republic’ Vol. 6 evaluation

Star Wars Legends Collection: The New Republic Vol. 6

This massive epic collection reads like a single narrative and features quality elements spanning many Star Wars arcs. It’s not without its faults, but it’s worth adding to the Star Wars mythos even if it’s no longer canon.

Art from comic original Paul Gulasi has been consistent for all three runs.

Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley write a great script with the right Star Wars elements in place.

Great, cinematic covers by Dave Dorman.

While it’s a solid story, it won’t be canon.

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