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Sasuke Retsuden It is one of several light novels. Naruto A franchise that revolves around main characters like Sasuke, Shikamaru, Kakashi, Sakura and Itachi. Shikamaru Hiden It is covered briefly at the end Shippuden Anime, and Naruto Gaiden A one-shot prelude has been released Boruto Series.

Sasuke Retsuden It is the first light novel serialized as a manga, and is also available on Manga Plus. But the timeline of the story makes its canonical value subject to debate. This article analyzes how the setting and plot of the light novel relate to the original series.

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how about Sasuke Retsuden Connect with the original franchise story line?

it is Sasuke Retsuden canon?

Sasuke Retsuden Manga Chapter 1 Title Page (Image by Shingo Kimura/Shuisha)
Sasuke Retsuden Manga Chapter 1 Title Page (Image by Shingo Kimura/Shuisha)

of Naruto The franchise includes countless anime filler episodes, movies, and light novels. Although officially licensed, their canonicality is widely questioned by fans. Sasuke Retsuden This is no different, especially since the timeline of events mentioned in the novel partially coincides with the pre-time jump timeline. Boruto Series.

The light novel explores some time after Naruto became Hokage and Sasuke himself still possessed the Rinnegan. No mention of Boruto, which suggests that he was well before his original appearance Boruto Villains, after that Naruto’s son became an important character.

A special OVA episode, titled The day Naruto became Hokage, covered Naruto’s official appointment as the Seventh Hokage of Konoha Village. Meanwhile, Boruto: Naruto the movie In follows the canonical sequence of events Boruto Manga, with Sasuke returning to the village to warn Naruto about a dangerous enemy. The Uchiha was then pushed by Boruto to become his mentor.


The movie ends with Boruto fighting Naruto and Sasuke to defeat Momoshiki Otsusuki, who has failed in his attempt to extract Kurama and create a Chakra Fruit. of Boruto The film includes the Chunin Trials arc chronicled in the manga and anime, and is revealed to have been planted by Momoshiki’s Karma during the final moments of their battle. Boruto Karma became the primary focus of the series following the incident.

events of Sasuke Retsuden So the Hokage and Sasuke’s arrival in Konoha at the beginning of Naruto’s reign must have taken place in the middle of the OVA. Boruto Movie.

Naruto battles with Momoshiki and Ishiki in the Boruto The series hinted that he was at full strength until Kurama’s death, and the series didn’t mention any instances of Naruto falling ill. The only sign of stress Naruto seemed to be under was his inability to divide his time between his family and his job as Hokage.

The original comic is sure to be the one and only true. Since NARUTO is his main work, a lot of spin work has been done. My story is just one of those and you have many options. I hope you enjoy the great world of NARUTO in a comfortable way.

The writer of Sasuke RetsudenAs Jun Isaka said on his Twitter page, her work is one of the many options raised from the beginning Naruto Series. This also rules out the possibility of the light novel being canon, suggesting that the events of the light novel could be considered an alternate timeline.

Does a Sasuke-centric spin-off work?

Naruto's Chakra Pain (Image by Shingo Kimura/Shuisha)
Naruto’s Chakra Pain (Image by Shingo Kimura/Shuisha)

Although the manga adaptation’s main focus of the story begins with Naruto’s illness, it only revolves around Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke has always been popular with fans due to his morally ambiguous character development and the complex bond he shares with Naruto throughout the series.

Boruto It introduces a more modern system to the shinobi world, making the first many sacrifices Naruto Taste. It also draws attention away from the older generation by featuring exaggerated characters like Naruto and Sasuke, causing many older fans to lose interest in the series.

Moreover, in the year Naruto Mangaka Masashi Kishimoto presents a light novel manga series that brings back nostalgia Naruto– An artwork that old fans will find odd Boruto Manga art.

of Naruto Fandom has many conflicting opinions about what canon means in a franchise. It should be noted that The road to ninja Movie, as well as the endless Tsukiyomi filler episodes featured in the Naruto Shippudenboth explored alternate timelines.

While the events of the light novels may not be canon, they do relate to the series in a mostly consistent manner. So, for the original fans Naruto series, series of Sasuke Retsuden The manga is definitely a treat.

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