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Asus ROG Flow Z13

The best hybrid gaming laptop


  • Highly portable with a hybrid design
  • Great performance for casual gaming
  • Amazing screen quality
  • Option to improve performance with eGPU


  • Poor battery life affects portability
  • The optional eGPU is very expensive
  • The cover type is a poor gaming keyboard replacement

The Asus ROG Flow Z13 is an interesting laptop. It takes the great performance of a gaming laptop and packs it into the portable folio-type design of the Microsoft Surface Pro, creating a powerful device you can take on the go.

In its top-of-the-range configuration, it’s powered by an Intel Core-i9-12900H processor, which is one of the best CPUs we’ve tested in a laptop, offering great performance in a variety of tasks from general web browsing to a healthy dose of gaming. Our benchmarks show that the RTX 3050 Ti GPU inside is no match for the CPU’s prowess, but if you want good 1080p performance in more casual titles, then the Z13 will do just fine. You also have the option to purchase and install an Asus XG Mobile eGPU to give you the power of a high-end RTX 3080 GPU, which we found boosted gaming performance immensely. However, this external GPU is a very expensive accessory.

The design of the ROG Flow Z13 is sharp and professional, with a black chassis and type cover. It weighs only 1.18kg, which must make it one of the most powerful yet lightest laptop combos. And with the magnetic cover, you might want to use this as a tablet, although Windows 11 isn’t the best OS for it. In our view, that versatility is primarily what sets the ROG Flow Z13 apart from other gaming laptops at this price.

The display on offer is a 13.4-inch 1920×1200 panel that we found offered some bright colors, as supported by a large color space coverage. The ROG Flow Z13 Iife’s battery isn’t the best in the world, with it only lasting around 5 hours for basic productivity tasks in our office benchmarks. Honestly, this is average for a gaming laptop, so you’ll want to make sure it’s installed.

Asus also offers the Asus ROG Flow X16 as an alternative, which is a 2-in-1 gaming laptop with a large 16-inch screen, which can be switched to table mode. It also comes with more powerful specs, albeit at a steeper price as well. Whichever model you prefer, both Asus laptops are top picks for those who want a portable gaming hybrid.

Reviewer: Ryan Jones
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