The US and Saudi Arabia are concerned that Iran may be planning an attack on energy bases in the Middle East. | Whuff News


The United States and Saudi Arabia have shared intelligence with each other indicating that Iran may be planning future attacks on energy facilities in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia, a US official told CNN.

A Saudi official told CNN that Saudi Arabia had shared intelligence about a possible attack with the US, but the source did not provide details.

A second US official said US F-22 fighter jets already in Saudi Arabia are available to counter any threats.

The first official said there was no increase in US military security levels in the area, as the US military did not believe it was being targeted. State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Tuesday that the US is “concerned about the threat image” and is “in constant communication through military, diplomatic, intelligence channels with the Saudis.”

“We will not hesitate to take steps to protect our interests and those of our partners in the region,” Price said at the departmental meeting. He said he was not aware of any warnings issued by the embassy about the threat and confirmed that the State Department is required to inform citizens “that we have accurate, reliable information that could be dangerous to them. American society. ”

The US believes Iran may be trying to target Saudi Arabia, which Iran accuses of helping fuel protests, the sources said.

The Wall Street Journal first reported a possible Iranian attack.

Pentagon Secretary Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder did not confirm whether there is a current threat, but said the Pentagon remains “concerned about the threat situation in the region,” and is “in constant communication with our Saudi partners.”

Iran is Saudi Arabia’s main regional rival, and Riyadh severed official ties with Tehran in 2016 after Iranian protesters attacked the Saudi embassy in Tehran in response to Saudi Arabia’s killing of a Shiite cleric. Iran-backed Houthi rebels have also attacked oil facilities in Saudi Arabia and the UAE in recent years, raising concerns that the energy infrastructure could be targeted by any Iranian missiles in the region.

Saudi and Iranian officials have met quietly in recent months to discuss security issues, including the war in Yemen between the Houthis and a Saudi-backed military coalition. But the fragile agreement between the parties expired last month, leading to an escalation of tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

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