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Rishi Sunak on Monday was all set to make history on Diwali as Britain’s first Indian Prime Minister after being elected unopposed as the new leader of the Conservative Party, following his ouster. Penny Mordaunt from the race.

The following is a series of highlights that marked Sunak’s second stint as UK Prime Minister.

2015: Rishi Sunak was elected Conservative MP for Richmond, Yorkshire.

2016: Sunak is a lifelong Brexiter, and in terms of campaigning for leave, it was a gamble at the time but one that paid off as he was placed in good political positions within the Tory party over the years. when he comes

2018: Under Theresa May, Sunak has been given his first ministerial job as number three in the new Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

July 2019: Sunak has supported Boris Johnson for Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and has been rewarded by the new leader with a job as minister of the Ministry of Finance under Chancellor Sajid Javid.

February 2020: After Javid resigned because of the conflict between Number 10 and Number 11 Downing Street, Boris Johnson promoted Sunak to the position of Chancellor, making him the first Indian minister to hold a one of the highest officials in the British government.

April 2020: After the UK was completely locked down in March 2020 while stopping the COVID epidemic, Sunak has won praise for a series of small budgets to promote measures like the flag, which save many jobs and businesses.

2021: Rishi Sunak is a favorite to replace Boris Johnson as Tory leader as Johnson’s scandals begin in the party, although the British Indian Chancellor insists that the only Cabinet job is there is.

February 2022: British Prime Minister Sunak admitted attending a party for his boss Johnson’s birthday in the Downing Street Cabinet room, in violation of the lockdown rules imposed in June 2020.

April 2022: In a difficult week, his wife Akshata Murty’s tax status, which means she does not pay UK tax on her Infosys income, and Sunak’s own US green card while in office it hit the headlines of the media.

July 2022: Rishi Sunak has resigned as Chancellor, minutes after his former boss at the Treasury Sajid Javid became Health Secretary.

July 8: Rishi Sunak announced the proposal to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

July 20: Rishi Sunak is ahead with 137 votes of the first and his party partner, who will face Liz Truss in the last leg of the British Prime Minister’s race.

August 5: Rishi Sunak won the voters in a TV debate.

August 30: Rishi Sunak’s camp has accused Liz Truss of avoiding investigation.

September 1: Rishi Sunak closes the competition on a personal note with parents, wife of Akshata.

September 2: The vote closes in the race for British Prime Minister between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss.

September 5: Truss has defeated Sunak in the Conservative Party leadership race to become the new UK Prime Minister.

October 14: British Prime Minister Liz Truss has fired Kwasi Kwarteng as Chancellor amid the economic crisis.

October 20: Truss has resigned as British Prime Minister after six weeks in the midst of a revolution.

October 24: Sunak won the Tory contest to make history as India’s first Indian Prime Minister.

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