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The rise in oil prices and fuel prices due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has affected millions of people around the world and people who are experiencing an increase in the cost of living. But others benefit from it, especially energy firms. In other news, it has emerged that South Korean police have been warned about a possible crush in Seoul. But the answer was ‘not enough’. Read this and more in our Top 10 Global News.

‘War atmosphere’: Energy firms report huge profits as millions continue to struggle

Russia-Ukraine War: Besides BP, other Western energy giants have reported big profits, including Shell, Exxon Mobil and Total Energies PA. This has fueled calls to impose wind tariffs on energy firms to help governments.


Did Foxconn workers die from the Covid shutdown? The video claims then, the hard issues are denied

Since mid-October, Foxconn has been grappling with the COVID-19 outbreak at its facility in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province in central China.


The US Supreme Court temporarily blocks the committee from accessing Donald Trump’s tax records

According to the order, the US Supreme Court also ordered that ‘the answer to the application be filed on or before Thursday, November 10’.


Will Ukraine’s wheat deal last? Erdogan to talk to Putin, Zelensky

Turkiye was one of the brokers of the grain agreement that was carried out in July alongside the United Nations. However, the situation became more complicated after Russia announced on Saturday that it was withdrawing from the agreement.


South Korea: The police were notified four hours before he was killed

Transcripts of emergency calls released by the police showed the first warning of a possible fatal operation was carried out at 6:34 pm on Saturday.

South Korea

Cases falling but monkeypox remains ‘global health emergency’: WHO

The Committee expressed its belief that this situation still meets the requirements of the IHR for Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

A monkey

Brazilian police have been ordered by the supreme court to clear roadblocks by pro-Bolsonaro truck drivers

While the police said that 192 roadblocks have been removed, Justice Alexandre de Moraes ordered them to take care of all the blocks. Authorities were ordered to investigate videos showing certain truck drivers conspiring to organize an armed coup against Lula.


Tories suspend ex-UK minister Matt Hancock for joining ‘I’m a Celebrity…’

Tory Party whips criticized Hancock for making the decision without informing the party’s top brass and as a result, will now sit in the House of Commons as an independent MP. The party also said it will deal with the results of the parliamentary sessions it will miss in the show.


The UAE and the United States have invested $100 billion in clean energy projects

The statement said the partnership will “bring together and stimulate” private and public sector funding and support for clean energy production, carbon and methane control, advanced reactors including small modules, and industrial and transport decarbonisation.


As disaster after disaster strikes the world, ‘Permasis’ becomes Collins’ name for the year 2022.

In a recent tweet, Collins dictionary announced that the one word that can aptly sum up the year 2022 is ‘Permasisis’.


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