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Twitter Blue could end up costing $8, but it will also allow customers to be authenticated by the platform.

After numerous reports that Twitter Blue would cost $19.99, Twitter chief Elon Musk has announced that the service will now cost $8 per month. This is quite a bit more than the current price of $4.99, but the service will now include the ability to earn a blue Verified badge.

Verified badges are hard to understand for some but easy to get for others. Going forward, it will be accessible to all as long as you subscribe to Twitter’s premium Blue subscription service. In addition to the verified badge, the service will also include preferred replies, mentions and searches, meaning verified users will hold priority on Twitter, making it less likely that similar accounts could cause confusion.

Furthermore, verified accounts will also have the ability to tweet longer videos and audios. This feature is nothing new, as current Twitter Blue subscribers have access to this through Twitter Labs. As a final benefit, Twitter Blue users will see half as many ads as regular users, which should be great for heavy users. Musk did not share when this change would take place. Currently, the Twitter Blue subscription page shows the old price of $4.99.

Twitter’s verification system was originally introduced in 2009 and was intended to provide users with a simple and easy way to distinguish between genuine accounts and impersonators. In its early stages, Twitter reached out to key people to validate them. But a few years later, it allowed users to obtain verified status by submitting an application. As you can imagine, the number of incoming requests was overwhelming, so the company had to pause the application process.

Twitter will again continue the process in the future, with stricter criteria to remove those who do not really need a verified handle. Of course, it is this process that makes authentication such an elusive process. Some will apply and be approved in one shot, while others, with large followings, will be rejected multiple times. Are these new changes better? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Elon Musk (Twitter)

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