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crying destruction, And slide the rods.

In the end of the season Dragon House, “Black Queen”, the lines separating the sides were officially drawn. At Dragonton, Princess Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) is named queen in opposition to Queen Alicent (Olivia Cooke) and her son, the newly-crowned King Aegon II (Tom Glynn-Carney).

While Rhaenyra’s Blacks do not have a large army of Alicent Greens, Rhaenyra does have a group of dragons. As one Rhaenyra Banner Banner reminded him, “Your cause possesses a power not seen in this world since the days of Old Valyria.

Since the Greens have three adults, Rhaenyra does not have sole control over the dragons in Westeros. But the calculating demon (Matt Smith) knows the results. He names several dragons in their hoards – “Syrax, Caraxes, and Meleys”, as well as “unclaimed dragons of Sisymok” in Driftmark, and Vermitor and Silverwing “dwelling on Dragonmount.” All are, apparently, “riderless.”

The coming conflict, known as the Dance of Dragons, spills over into the season finale Dragon House.HBO

They also mention three more “wild dragons” and dragon eggs that Daemon plants in their backyard.

When dragons are sent with riders from other houses to reinforce loyalty – in the worst case, Prince Lucerce from Araxes to Storm’s End – Daemon visits Dragonmon to find a new dragon for the cause.

As the daemon inches closer to the beast, it sings a wonderful song in High Valyrian. The dragon eventually reveals itself as Vermitor, also known as the “Bronze Wrath”. The official Twitter account of the event It confirms thisjust in case of confusion.

The scene is the last we see of both Vermithor and Daemon in Season 1. It will be a while before we see them both again, as in Season 2 of the Dragon House In the year Filming will not begin until the summer of 2023. But the show has given fans a few thoughts to keep in mind before the show returns. We saw not only the beginning of the dance of dragons, but also a link to the past Dragon House He started.

Daemon (Matt Smith) approaches the fearsome dragon Vermithor in a beautiful song sung in High Valyrian. HBO

Who is Vermithor? Meet the bronze dragon of wrath

Vermithor was first described in George RR Martin’s 2013 novel. Princess and Queen Like a bronze dragon with “great tan wingsHe said. One of the largest dragons in the recorded history of Westeros, it is only surpassed in size by Balerion and Vagar.

By the time A Dance of Dragons begins, Vermitor is already nearly a century old. Previously owned by King Jaehaerys Targaryen, Grandfather Viserys I (Paddy Considine) and Daemon, Vermithor Jaehaerys was left without a knight.

In Martin’s books, Vermitor takes on a blacksmith named Hugh Hammer, who turns Vermitor into battle. The HBO series may be making a big change to that story, as Daemon seems intent on taking control of Vermitor himself. Although we don’t really. watch out Vermitor bowed his head to the daemon, an important shot signaling the connection of Vermitor’s gestures as the daemon’s eyes met.

The final blows of Daemon and Vermithor in the season finale Dragon House It strongly indicates that a connection has been established.HBO

Why does Daemon sing to Vermithor?

It may seem strange to sing to a dragon, but there are certain purposes.

First, King Jaheris was renowned throughout his kingdom as a wise man. He is described in Martin’s books as “fair-spoken, open-handed, and bold as a patron” and “learned as a master and polite as a septon.”

Well educated, Jaheris knows a few songs, and it’s easy to imagine how he can use them to appease the dragons. It’s a trick that Damon can use whenever he spends time with his dear old grandfather.

Chanting can be an effective way to communicate with dragons, especially riders like Vermithor. A bronze dragon needs social adjustment, so the demon may be singing to make it clear that it is not an enemy.

And conflict with us Dragon HouseFriends are in short supply.

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