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The documentary “Why Beauty Matters” by the late British philosopher Sir Roger Scruton will be screened at Canon Free Library in Delhi on Sunday, November 13 at 2:30 pm. A discussion following the film will be led by award-winning poet and writer Marley Youmans; publisher, public historian and historic preservationist Maureen Kruger; neurologist Michael Miller; and Orthodox priest Father James Kruger. The library is located at 40 Elm Street in Delhi. This event is sponsored by Cloud-Bearing Mountain Christian Retreat and St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church in Bovina. The event is free and open to all. For more information, call 607-326-0052, email info@cbmountain.org or visit www.cbmountain.org.

“Why Beauty Matters” presents a compelling argument about the importance of beauty in our art and in our lives, and explores what is real and what is not, regardless of the viewer. Scruton argues that beauty is slowly disappearing from our world. It is being replaced by a beautiful and redeeming expression to shock and break down moral taboos, to reflect individuality, to captivate the novel and to reveal the vulgarity of our world. As Scruton puts it, “The great artists of the past knew that human life was full of violence and suffering, but they had an antidote for it, and the name of that antidote was beauty.” The beautiful work of art brings comfort in sadness and affirmation in happiness. It shows that human life is important.

what “Why Beauty Matters” Documentary Screening and Discussion.

Where: Canon Free Library, 40 Elm Street, Delhi, NY 13753

When: Sunday November 13, 2:30.

Price: free.

Contact: Father James Kruger, Cloud-Bearing Mountain Retreat, 607-326-0052, info@cbmountain.org

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